My first visit to the Paradise that is Bali

walking along the path to my villa

walking along the path to my villa

May 16, 2011.  It has been ten years since my first visit to the island of the Gods and Goddesses. At that time I was working as Personal Assistant to Margot Anand, the famed creator of SkyDancing Tantra and author of several best-selling books including the book that is known as the bible of tantra, “The Art of Sexual Ecstasy.” Through a series of magical occurrences I was able to travel to Bali and attend a week-long workshop Margot was conducting at Sacred Mountain Sanctuary in the Village of Siedemen in the shadow of Mount Agung, the largest mountain in Bali.  The moment my plane set down in Denpasar, Bali and I left the airport, my breath was taken away by the beauty of Bali. It was very late at night and I stared wide-eyed through the window of our transport vehicle, through the darkness, through the trees, and into the soul of Bali. I was blown away! My heart was beating so fast … I was actually in Bali! It took a couple of hours to drive to Sacred Mountain Sanctuary and even though it was nighttime, I realized it was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. Walking along the path to my villa, I saw the loveliest tropical flowers and plants. I felt like I was in Paradise, that heaven could not possibly be more beautiful than this place. My villa was made nearly entirely of bamboo, including the four-poster bed, the desk, the dresser and the chair. Thus began my love affair with all things bamboo! The commode and sink were outdoors … oh, my God! I had never experienced anything like this. I looked around and saw a shower and a beautiful claw-footed tub in the middle of this magical setting, totally surrounded by the most luscious vegetation one could imagine, providing total privacy. Even though I wanted to stay up and never go to sleep, my tired eyes and weary body demanded that I go to bed. A sheer mosquito cloth surrounded the bed, with an opening for me to crawl in and revel in the wonder of my experience. I dreamt the sweetest dream, the one I had been dreaming since I was a child growing up in Conneaut, Ohio where I spent my summer days swimming in Lake Erie and laying on the beautiful beach, competing with my girlfriends to see who could get the darkest suntan. My recurrent dream throughout my life was that I was living on a tropical island where I could get up in the morning and pick fresh fruit from a tree every morning for breakfast. I gave myself one little pinch as I drifted off to sleep. Yes, indeed, I truly was here on this beautiful island. Dreams do come true!


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6 Responses to “My first visit to the Paradise that is Bali”

  1. Teresa LeYung Ryan Says:

    Ummm. Your descriptions are so inviting. Dreams do come true! as you say.
    Writing Career Coach Teresa

    • lakshmilove Says:

      Yes, dreams do come true, dear one, if a person has the courage and tenacity to follow their dreams. May all your dreams come true! I love you,

  2. Amber Says:

    LakshmiLove, you are the greatest of spirits and I knew it since I met you. From that very moment. You are a wonderful writer. Amazing. I can’t wait to follow your journey on this awe inspiring Bali adventure.

    hugs and love from Amber

    • lakshmilove Says:

      I hope you are following me on my blog, Amber, even though I haven’t written a whole lot because of being sick, etc. Your message is dated May 16th, and it’s popping up now. Sending lots of Bali love and magic your way, dear one. Lakshmi

  3. Norlisha Says:

    Greetings Lakshmi and good morming from Alameda, California! How are you? Well, i probably shouldn’t ask such a question because after reading your wonderful and informative blog postings, it appears to be quite obvious that you are doing just fine in the elements of Bali – your love. I’m very happy for you Lakshmi in making your dream a reality which says something special about your character and the wonderful human being I’ve come to experience in you as a woman. You are truly remarkable! I wish you well and more as you continue on your journey in Bali paradise. May God continue to bless and protect you. Please don’t forget me. I love and miss you. Bless you and peace be still. Thanks for sharing. Always, Norlisha (“NoLo”)

    • lakshmilove Says:

      What a beautiful message, Norlisha. Thank you so much for writing to me. Dreams do come true if one has the courage and tenacity to listen and follow their dreams. I hope all is well with you and your little ones. Please give my love to the Y. I will see you all in September. Sending Bali magic and love your way, dear one. Lakshmi

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