Ahhhhhh, sweet Bali, I love you so!

With Agung at the Mother Temple in Bali


17 Responses to “Ahhhhhh, sweet Bali, I love you so!”

  1. lakshmilove Says:

    I hope and pray that this comment gets posted. I’ve been trying to update my Blog for over an hour and have succeeded in only one thing, a photo of me and my friend, Agung, a sacred young man and guru to many in Bali. Agung took me, my friend Oka, his priests and several devotees to the Mother Temple in Bali. It was an incredible experience, his priests gave blessings at each of the several temples we stopped at. At the temple honoring Quan Yin, while I was receiving the priest’s blessing, a golden goddess appeared to me. She was radiating gold light from her entire body. When I told Agung about my vision, he said it was Quan Yin herself who had visited me. I am having many deep and powerful experiences in Bali.

    I trust I will be up and running with my blog after I contact my Blog Goddess Teresa to refresh me on how to do it. I’ve been without my computer for several weeks and now, after receiving two new hard drives, my sweet little MacBook Air is back in my arms!

  2. naresh Says:

    hi hannah banana lakshmi ….it’s so great to hear that you are in bliss …i’m sorry our schedules don’t line up this time ….i leave guate end of july, then a month at harbin hot springs, then thailand in sept for 7 months …..what a life ! we are lucky and we made it to be so ….i am learning a lot about ” health for new man” ….i could write a book on it and i’m just starting out ….i don’t know when i will go to bali but it is on the list ….i love you lakshmilove ….life is good …..nareshbob

    • lakshmilove Says:

      Wow! What magical times you have scheduled for yourself … and you deserve it all, dear friend. I’ll be home on August 30th. When do you leave for Thailand? Maybe we can see each other before you leave. It’s been such a long time, Naresh. Love you, too!

  3. Lynette Lynch Says:

    And just yesterday I accessed your blog and was amazed there had been no update – and then concerned I had the wrong link. Whew. So happy for your spiritual experiences, my friend!

    • lakshmilove Says:

      Thanks, Lynette, Bali does have a special kind of magic and life here is spiritual. These beautiful people live their spirituality as a lifestyle, it is so natural to them. I am having a great time. I’ll blog more, if I can figure it out. Or I’ll do what I did yesterday, just post a photo and a comment. Great to hear from you, Lynette. Love you!

  4. lakshmilove Says:

    Hi sweetheart,

    Indeed, Bali has opened her arms to me. This place is like living in Paradise. And, yes, it has its ups and downs just like anywhere. But when you’ve had your experience and learned your lesson, you are here in Bali. And I am in love with Bali, no kidding. Be well, dear Magic Magda!

  5. lakshmilove Says:

    Hi Jay Jay. I wish you were here, too. You would love the beauty, excitement, serenity, love of this place. I am getting over a bronchial infection which wasn’t much fun, but I was so well taken care of by my Balinese friends. You and I will experience Bali together one day, this I know. Love you, honey.

  6. lakshmilove Says:

    Hi honey,

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get my computer up and running. I now have the ability to Facebook, blog, email. I’m having a magical, wonderful time. Watch for more photos on my blogsite. When are you coming to Taiwan? Love you!

    • julie Says:

      Taiwan in not until October, but now I’m heading to Greece end of this month for a good friend’s wedding! A Greek wedding in Greece!!! Can’t wait to catch up under the stars in the hot tub! Love you!!!

  7. saveyourannapolisneckstasia Says:

    You’ve landed in the land of your dreams and are being hosted by your own kind, fellow gods and goddesses! Wonderful! I am so happy for you. It is easy to catch a whiff of the fresh air and glance of flowers and smiling faces when reading your posts.
    Thanks for sharing your journey.
    Much love,

    • lakshmilove Says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Anastasia. This is being quite an adventure for me. And it makes it all the more meaningful to be able to share it with my beloveds!

  8. Carnella Gordon-Brown Says:

    Greetings lovely woman; your pictures and prose are beautiful and delightful…one has an experience filled with peace and compassion when reading about your magical journey…Onward magical voyager, peace and joy–Carnella

  9. Carnella Gordon-Brown Says:

    Sending again, first time did not go through, nevertheless…Greetings lovely woman; your pictures and prose are beautiful and delightful…one has an experience filled with peace and compassion when reading about your magical journey…Onward magical voyager, peace and joy–Carnella

    • lakshmilove Says:

      How wonderful to hear from you, Carnella, and remember the fun we had in Denver! We’ve got our work cut out for us this time but I don’t think there’s anyone out there who can beat our guy.

  10. Carmen N. Fairley Says:

    HI Ate,

    I am so happy that you are having such a wonderful time in your dream BALI. I envy you but at the same time always praying that God is looking out for you (for sure I know he is). We miss you and hope when you return to let me know so we can have lunch and catch up with all of your wonderful new and exciting adventures in the land of BALI. Love you.

    Bunso (Carmen)

    • lakshmilove Says:

      Hi honey. This time in Bali has been very interesting, to say the least. Don’t worry about me, Bunso, I am surrounded by lots of love and am well cared for when I need it. Today, for instance, I am just relaxing and making sure my illness doesn’t relapse. As I look out over the beautiful gardens here and the orchids and the darling Balinese people, my heart has a big smile. Big Bali love to you, Stephan, the Tutus, and all of my friends at Peralta. See you in September, I look forward to it, I miss everyone. xxxoooxxx Lakshmi

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