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Doing Sacred Work of Puri Agung

July 26, 2011

This is one of the most challenging posts I will make, I’m sure. I debated within myself whether or not to post this and I realized that, of course, I should do it because it is relaying one of the many experiences I’ve had on this beautiful island of Bali. And an experience, I might add, that has been life-changing for me, an experience I never even dreamed of. Last Thursday I received a call from one of the priests at Puri Agung. Agung is a spiritually gifted young man who has a meditation center called Puri Agung. He has several hundred “devotees” at his beautiful center near Denpasar. Agung wanted to pick me up at 11:30 that night and take me to stay at the home of one of his priests and depart early the next morning for West Bali to go with him to a kundalini yoga workshop being put on by Puri Agung. As a little background, when I met Agung last September he told me that I had the heart of the mother of the universe, that I am everyone’s mother. When Derek met Agung the day after I met him and we were leaving Puri Agung, Agung told him “take good care of your mom because she’s my mother, too.” And it has been that way with us ever since. He calls me Mama and loves to have me near him. Sooooo, off I went to Denpasar, spent the night at his priest’s home and early the next morning, off to West Bali which is a beautiful part of Bali, so far not destroyed by building big hotels like a lot of Bali has experienced. The natural beauty of Bali is spectacular, green as far as you can see, trees, plants, flowers, rice fields. But let me get back to my story.

We arrive at the site of the meditation workshop and I walk in (the only female) with Agung, his priests, and his students. Agung sits me next to him at the front of the room. There are a couple hundred people, anxiously awaiting Agung’s arrival, looking at all of us and especially me. I hear the person on the microphone saying in English, Mama Lakshmi, America, Agung Mama. He makes several announcements (everything now is in Bahasa, the local language which I only know a few social words) and then they play the Gayatri Mantra (a beautiful mantra I play in my room a lot). The attendees are instructed to stand up, put their hands in prayer position and move them to/from their hearts in a fast movement, while standing up on their toes and rocking back on their heels. (I hope I am describing this in a way you can visualize.) As they do this the energy in the room becomes greater and greater. The man on the microphone is loudly instructing everyone to “let go”, “let it go”, “release it.” Loudly. Over and over. People in the room start going into trance. Soon a woman lies on the floor, screaming, thrashing wildly, her eyes tightly closed. Agung’s people go over and hold her down, her legs, her arms. She still thrashes. It is clear she is going through something very intense. Agung instructs his priest to send me over to transmit Reiki energy to the woman. Although I was nervous, I did what Agung wanted me to do. I held my hands about 12 inches above her body and sent Reiki to her. Suddenly, someone walks over with a little bucket and the woman sits up and spits into the bucket. By this time I am thinking what the hell have I gotten myself into, this is crazy. But I stick with it and eventually the woman is out of the trance, crying. I get a towel and put some cold water on it and gently wipe her forehead, wipe away her tears, giving her love. She smiles and thanks me. I move on to the next person … and the next person … and the next person. And on and on for about 10 people. By this time my body is on fire. I went to Agung and he walked me outside in the breeze and I let him know I couldn’t do any more. Later Agung and his priests expressed what good work I had done and how proud they were of me. Of course, I had so many questions about what I had just experienced. They explained to me that in some instances Black Magic was being removed. In other instances past traumas were being removed. The people who did this very hard work on themselves looked so beautiful, radiant when it was over. Just think about how incredible it would be for you to have horrific experiences removed from your body … wow! I can’t wait to learn Bahasa because I have some really intense traumatic childhood experiences that I will be more than happy to let go ot.

I know Agung will invite me to do this work with him again and with all my heart I must say I will be so happy to do so. I love Agung very much and am so happy just to be in his presence. His energy is so powerful, so pure, so non-judgmental, so loving. I am very honored to have him in my life. Whoever comes to Bali to visit me will definitely have an opportunity to meet him.

When Marcia was here with me, we were invited to attend a new house blessing ceremony at a beautiful home Agung built near Denpasar. We had a wonderful time, meeting his wife and his children, his family, his priests were there, and his friends. As we were driving back from West Bali the other day, Agung said to me (always through translators who speak English) that when I move to Bali I can stay as his guest at his beautiful new home. I was very touched by his generosity but I lovingly declined his offer because I want to be in Ubud. He wanted me close to his Puri Agung center so I can do more meditation and yoga there. I explained that I can meet more people in Ubud to bring to his center and, in fact, he should have a center in Ubud. Since then he and his priests have come to Oka Kartini, where I am staying. They met with Oka and are in a conversation with her where she invited them to do meditation workshops here … which will be good for Oka Kartini and good for Puri Agung. My dream is coming true. I can live here with Oka and Puri Agung will come to me. I can continue to do the sacred work of Puri Agung!

I apologize for the poor quality of the attached photos. They were taken by someone with my camera while I was working with a beautiful young woman. The other photo is an overview of the people at the workshop.